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Ragdoll founder and Swedish designer, Lisa Larson launched Ragdoll to create vintage-inspired essentials that marry Los Angeles laid-back lifestyle with effortless, European chic. We sat down with Lisa to get some inspirational secrets behind her latest go-to Ragdoll looks.

R: What did you have for breakfast?

L: Coffee with oat milk and scramble eggs is my favorite. I wake up and the first thing I do is to brew my daily drip - if I am travelling I love to try the local egg breakfast - my favorite are the "oeuf brouille" at Carette in Paris - this time I went there straight from the airport!

R: What are you reading right now?

L: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - I am taking my time to read it and almost turn it into a little meditation routine to start my days more present. Not easy when you have to think of the future collections to design and the past invoices to pay but I try :-)

R: Who are you listening to these days?

L: I am listening to The Rows playlists that they release every month. Such a good mix of music and always something new to discover - February is my favorite one!

"I build my wardrobe so my old pieces still fit with what I buy or add."

R: Why vintage-inspired clothing?

L: I’m always searching for new inspiration and vintage clothing gets me super excited - you end up with pieces that not everyone is wearing. It is also the more sustainable option and we all need to think about the longevity of what we buy.

R: What do you love most about style in Sweden? LA?

L: Sweden has great design especially in interior but the fashion can be a bit uniform and these days trends are adopted very fast everywhere around the world - which is a bit boring to me. In LA you see so many more eclectic people and you can dress anyway you like . I love to watch people in LA, both the kids around the cool sneaker stores on Fairfax and Melrose, and also my stylish friends inspire me day to day.

R: How would you describe your style/aesthetic? Your go-to look?

L: I love wearing pieces that have been in my closet for a long time. I have my favorites that I always come back to. A good sweater also makes me very excited. I usually wear boots or sneakers that are a bit funky to make the look more eclectic and elevated.

"The perfect wardrobe is easy and consists of those pieces that live for a long time."

R: What are your favorite Ragdoll pieces of all time?

L: A vintage washed black tee, leopard leggings and a sweatpant in a camel or a black color are always on repeat. These styles have been in the Ragdoll collections since I started. 

R: What does the perfect wardrobe look like to you? Walk us through your 3 Ragdoll looks.

L: The perfect wardrobe is easy and consists of those pieces that live for a long time. I build my wardrobe so my old pieces still fit with what I buy or add. For my Ragdoll looks the heather grey wide pant and the sweatshirt with short sleeves are glamorous at the same time as being very comfortable and lounge. The knit skirt I have been wearing on repeat. Both with the top that matches but also with a plain tee or a sweatshirt. It works so well with boots or sandals and is soft and cozy for those summer nights. I will keep wearing it in the fall. The denim blouse and the wide pants are also the perfect summer set. They have the elastic and are very loose and comfy, but still chic. The blouse is very seventies cool and looks good when you are tanned in the summer.

Introducing the accessory of the summer - the Ragdoll Bob Hat in Brown Leopard, as worn by Lisa.


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