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What Are Women Pants Sizes

Easy way to measure women's pants size, wrap a measuring tape around the narrowest midpoint of the body, usually at the waistline, about the level of the navel. If you measure 30.5 inches here, then round up to the next number = W 31. Your leg length (inseam) is determined by running the measuring tape along the inside of the leg, from crotch to foot sole or wherever you want your pant leg to fall to, like your ankle. As in your waist size, round the fractional overage up to the next number: If you measure 29.5 inches, your leg length is L 30. Your size is then W31/L30, or just 31/30. Sometimes an ‘x’ is used instead of the slash (31×30). 

W stands for waist circumference (Waist = W) and L stands for leg length (L = Length). All pants with a size labeled in inches will include these two figures, with the waist figure followed by the length. For example, if you have a pants size 31/30, the number 30 means you have a waist 30 inches around. The number 31 then corresponds to a leg length of 31 inches.  In case the pants only mention the waist, then most likely than not the length will be a standard length that will require a hem adjustment, that you can do yourself or a tailor shop.


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